Prison in Hell: file: (547 KB)
Rescue Daisy: file: (291 KB)
The House of Darkness: File: (677 KB)
These Levels are "handmade" by me. :-) To use them you have to merge them into the doom2 IWAD. I suggest to use deutex for this deutex !

Texture from my favourite - PWAD " The Chapel of Romero " (Download 140KB) by Ken Hukushi ------>>>

Install Procedure:
  1. Extract the ZIP file to your doom2 directory
  2. install Deutex
  3. command: deutex -merge <levelname.wad>
  4. start DOOM2 ! Then just beginn a new game.
  5. To restore the original DOOM2: deutex -res doom2.wad

<<<----- John Carmack

All wads were built for the original DOOM engine. If you are using BOOM, ZDOOM ... problems might occure. I've never testet this.

Have fun !



John Romero ------>>>

John Romero
Comment (29.04.2001): I did these levels some years ago now. They are no longer being developed or "supported".